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Are You Ready for the Adventure?

We believe that Jesus is building His church. He has entrusted to us the stewardship of this church. So, in some ways, the future of our church depends on our commitment to living these out together. We must also encourage those around us to do the same. Why? Because when God dreamed about reaching people in our region, CedarCreek was a part of that dream. That is why You Matter. These are some of the fundamentals that are going to guide us as we seek to transform our community with Jesus.

When you say yes to the adventure God has for you, you are pledging yourself to be a part of a movement of people used by God to make a difference. We are thrilled to meet you!



Director of Next Steps – Groups

The Next Steps Director of Groups is responsible for directing and coordinating efforts to ensure all people at their campus have the opportunity to engage in Groups and local outreach. This includes recruiting, developing and equipping people to lead in a variety of levels and roles within their purpose and giftings in the Groups structure as well as recruiting, equipping and developing new and competent leaders. Specific opportunities include Groups Coordinator, Coaches and Group leaders and the variety of on-boarding, training and on-going equipping, along with event planning and support.

Part Time
Date Posted
July 28, 2023

Director of Kids

The Director of CedarCreek Kids is the campus’ primary steward of our Kids Ministry’s mission to introduce kids to Jesus and the life-changing adventure with him.

Full Time
Date Posted
October 2, 2023

Director of Students

The Director of Students is a campus’ primary steward of our CedarCreek Students mission to introduce students to Jesus and the life-changing adventure with Him.

Full Time
Date Posted
August 28, 2023

Director of Communications

The Director of Communications holds a crucial position in driving the mission of CedarCreek Church forward by planning and executing strategic communication initiatives aimed at energizing the church and community. Working in close collaboration with the ministry leaders and service programming, you will take the lead in devising and implementing comprehensive communication strategies that authentically connect with our audience across multiple platforms. From carefully crafting captivating messages for websites, social media, emails and content posts, your aim will be to capture attention and inspire engagement. As the Director of Communications, you’ll be the visionary leader of our Communications Team, inspiring and guiding them to reach new heights of excellence.

Full Time
Date Posted
June 18, 2023
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The internship program is designed to train and equip the next generation of leaders for work within and beyond the walls of our church. We’re looking for energetic, self-starters who are interested in getting great hands-on experience and making a positive and lasting impact in our communities.

Why not dedicate this next season of your life to a once in a lifetime opportunity?